Poetry by the Lake: a roaring success


This Saturday saw the culmination of our poets in residence project at Theatre by the Lake, with a reading of the poets’ work by three of the summer season’s actors.

The afternoon was a great success. The audience heard work by Katie Hale, Elizabeth Mann, Fiona Money, John North, Phoebe Power and Jenny Walker – and a very appreciative audience they seemed, too. We received numerous positive comments afterwards, including:

“It was really good to hear the actors reading it.”

“The best poetry reading I’ve ever been to!”

If you didn’t make it, or if you’d like to relive the wonderful works of literature, you can find some of them at the link below:

Theatre by the Lake poems

A huge thank you to Theatre by the Lake and the Arts Council for making this venture possible. We had a blast!

Meet The Poet: John North

Meet one of the poets on our Poets in Residence project at Theatre by the Lake. The project will involve seven emerging writers spending time at the theatre, and will culminate in a showcase on September 7th 2013, at which their poems will be read by members of the theatre’s summer season acting company.

John North

John North was born in the north of England in 1990. His first short collection, Northern Lad Meets the English Language, Fights (Freerange Poetry Project in association with the Carlisle Arts Festival) was published in 2008. He has worked with, amongst others, the Mancunion, as an editor, and with the BBC. He is currently one of seven Poets in Residence at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick. New poems are forthcoming in Kaffeeklatsch. He has won several awards. johnenorth.wordpress.com

Poets by the Lake


Poets being shown around the plant room, Theatre by the Lake

Tuesday March 26th saw the beginning of an exciting project at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, Cumbria.

Seven emerging poets spent a fascinating afternoon exploring the theatre and speaking to people who worked there, in many of its different departments. The tour led us from centre-stage surrounded by the set of the current production (Rogue Herries), to the plant room hidden away at the back of the building. From the very public, to the very private – the afternoon was eye-opening and intriguing.

Equally interesting were the stories of the theatre’s various employees, which were as different as the jobs they perform, many of which caught the imagination of at least a couple of the poets.

The day ended for some with a great spread of ‘nibbles’ (a description which rather undervalued the amount of food present), put on by Bob and his catering team. Then four of the poets stayed on to watch that evening’s performance of Rogue Herries.

It was a fascinating day, and I’m sure will provide plenty of inspiration for all the poets involved.

The project will culminate in a showcase on September 7th 2013, with poems read by the theatre’s summer season actors.


A good end to a fascinating day – Theatre by the Lake




From Easter to September 2013, a small group of emerging poets will be spending time at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick, Cumbria, observing the various and varied aspects of the theatre.

The project will culminate in a reading at the start of September (time and date TBC).

We’d love to see as many of you there as possible, so don’t forget to stay tuned for more information! Follow us on facebook or twitter, and sign up to our mailing list (by clicking the ‘Follow’ button on the right) to stay in the loop.

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More information on the project and its participants coming very soon!


Oh, and there’s still that teaser hanging in the air…

But surely, you cry, that was a teaser for this project? That was leading up to the announcement of the Poets in Residence project?

Perhaps it was. But on the other hand – does this photo look as though it was taken in a theatre…? Stay tuned, folks, and all will be revealed!

Snow-writing, January 2013