Yes, that’s right. We’re searching for a young photographer to take beautiful pictures of Beneath The Boughs, in return for membership to Lowther Castle & Gardens.

Beneath The Boughs is an Arts Council funded poetry exhibition, which will take place from July 19th to September 9th 2013, in the beautiful historic grounds of Lowther Castle in Cumbria. This opportunity not only gives the winning photographer free membership to Lowther Castle & Gardens, but also the chance to get their photos seen on the [insert text here] website, and to be a key part of an Arts Council funded project.

The photographer in question must:

  • Be aged between 16 and 25
  • Be based in Cumbria (if you’re a student elsewhere, that’s fine, as long as you’re back in Cumbria over the summer)
  • Have their own means of transport for getting to Lowther Castle
  • Be available to help set up and take down the exhibition (and of course to take photos of the process) during the weeks 15th-18th July 2013, and 10th-13th September 2013 (NB: The photographer should only be required for one day during each of these weeks. Unfortunately, confirmation of which two days will not be possible until nearer the time, due to the unpredictability of Cumbrian weather)
  • Be available to take a couple of independent trips to Lowther Castle during the course of the exhibition. Entry to the Castle Gardens and exhibition will be covered by your free membership. However, transport must be arranged by the photographer.

If you’re interested, please email us with the subject heading ‘Lowther Photography‘: up to 3 examples of your work (preferably on the themes of art / nature, although this is not compulsory); your name; your date of birth; and a brief bio (under 70 words).

Emails to:


By entering this opportunity, you are confirming that you fulfil the above criteria. Failure to comply with the listed criteria may result in disqualification.

The rights to the photos taken as part of the project will of course remain with the photographer. However, if chosen, you are giving [insert text here] the right to use those photos on our website and associated media (e.g. facebook and twitter).

Submit to Beneath The Boughs (April)


This is the third of our monthly calls for submissions for Beneath The Boughs. The call for poems from February and March yielded some great results, and we’d love to continue receiving your fantastic poetry for our upcoming summer exhibition, ‘Beneath The Boughs’. (The exhibition will run from July 19th to September 9th 2013. Read more about the project here.)

For a chance to be involved in the exhibition, and to have your work displayed in the beautiful historic gardens of Lowther Castle, send us your poem(s) inspired by the above photo, and the theme of DISCOVERY.

Please ensure that we receive your submission(s) by the deadline of 23:59, Tuesday 30th April, 2013.

For information on how to submit, as well as submission guidelines, click here.

(If you really aren’t inspired by this theme and photo, then you can also send us a poem inspired by one of the pictures in our insipration gallery. Remember, the same guidelines and deadline apply.)

And keep your eyes peeled. There’ll be a new prompt here in May!

(Although we are posting new monthly poetry prompts for the exhibition until June, the earlier you send in your work, the more chance you have of getting it displayed, so don’t dawdle too long! Looking forward to seeing your work.)

Beneath The Boughs – click to submit

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Things We Think You’ll Like:

There are many many things that we think you’ll like. Warm summer days, for instance, or chocolate-covered strawberries. We couldn’t possibly list them all here. But here are just a few choice pieces, that we really think you ought to see.

  1. At the top of our list, a free (yes, that’s right, FREE) online course from the University of Pennsylvania, in Modern & Contemporary American Poetry.
    Information on the course here:

  2. We also want to promote a challenge on the Young Poets Network. If you’re under 25 and a lyricist (or if you’re under 25 and fancy turning your hand to it), there’s a challenge to set some words to music. And the lovely Young Poets Network people have provided a video, too, so here’s some more information.

    To take part in the challenge, or to find out more about it (or both), go to the Young Poets Network’s page about the challenge.
  3. Not far behind is a short story by Roald Dahl, entitled ‘The Great Automatic Grammatizator’. We don’t know what the rest of the blog is saying, or even which language it’s in, but this part is definitely worth a read.
    I know that this site is all about poetry, rather than short stories, but thematically it fits. It’s all about the art (or ‘art’ of writing).
    Read it here.
  4. This one is another short story. We won’t say too much about it, because we don’t want to give it all away before you’ve read it, but there’s a bit of a theme running with our reading suggestions tonight. It’s called ‘Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore’, by Robin Sloan. Quite aside from our loving the idea of a 24-hour bookshop, this is an eerie and modern story, and well worth a read.
    You can do so right here.
  5. And finally, a picture of a graffitied rabbit (taken in a graffiti lane in Melbourne, Australia). Because let’s face it, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Sleep tight.

Outer Space

We’re moving a bit away from our normal subject with this video, as it isn’t exactly about poetry. But it would make some fantastic inspiration. Anyone looking for a poetry prompt? Try using this – it’s a beautiful video:


If you do get a poem out of this, why not send it to us through our Submit section?

Make sure you say in the additional comments box that this was your inspiration, and you never know, we may end up putting it on the site!