Poetry Prompts Galore!

Fingertips itching to type? Got a bottle of ink just waiting to ooze words onto the page?

Well, this could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for – because we can point you in the direction of not one, but TWO sets of poetry exercises. That’s right: two!

Number One:

The first is organised by the Young Poets’ Network, with the exercises themselves set by the recent Eric Gregory Award winner, Jon Stone. They’re appearing every other day throughout August, and you’re welcome to post your results in the comment boxes for people to peruse.

There are five challenges up already, so plenty to get your teeth stuck into.

The link to the first challenge is here: http://www.youngpoetsnetwork.org.uk/2012/08/01/august-writing-challenge-1-book-shelf-poem/

Number Two:

The second set of challenges comes from quite frankly awesome poet Jacob Sam-La Rose, and is found on tumblr site, probable causes.

There’s a ‘submit’ button here, too (on the left hand side – it’s the little envelope symbol), so you can send in your efforts.

Personally, we’d like to recommend today’s exercise (the one headed by the Mark Doty quotation: http://probablecauses.tumblr.com/). Since it’s a beautiful day, head out into the open air, enjoy the sunshine, and write a poem about wherever you end up.

Now excuse me, I’m off to pack my picnic…

New Poetry

Slowly but surely, the site is building – there’s the smell of new poetry in the air…

And of course, new poetry is always something to get excited about. We’ve just added a couple of pieces by lovely London-based poets Anthony Adler and Katie Byford, so make sure you head on over to the Poetry section of the site to check them out.

In other news this week, there have been lots of blueprints drawn up for very exciting future events. I won’t say too much right now (don’t want to give the game away), but a glaringly public, yet beautifully transient, display of poetry is in the planning. Thanks to poet Will Tyas for this great idea, details of whose execution we will announce in the not too distant future. (The idea’s execution, that is. Not Will’s. That would be a bad start to the endeavour.) All I’m saying is, it should be a cracking first event.

Tantalising your tastebuds? Riddling you with curiosity? Good.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to the email list, and take a glance at the wonderful new poems here. That way we’ll be back in touch before you know it.