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Snow-writing, January 2013

‘There is nothing more disenchanting to man…’

‘There is nothing more disenchanting to man than to be shown the springs and mechanism of any art.  All our arts and occupations lie wholly on the surface; it is on the surface that we perceive their beauty, fitness, and significance; and to pry below is to be appalled by their emptiness and shocked by the coarseness of the strings and pulleys.  In a similar way, psychology itself, when pushed to any nicety, discovers an abhorrent baldness, but rather from the fault of our analysis than from any poverty native to the mind.  And perhaps in aesthetics the reason is the same: those disclosures which seem fatal to the dignity of art seem so perhaps only in the proportion of our ignorance; and those conscious and unconscious artifices which it seems unworthy of the serious artist to employ were yet, if we had the power to trace them to their springs, indications of a delicacy of the sense finer than we conceive, and hints of ancient harmonies in nature. ‘

Robert Louis Stevenson, Essays in the Art of Writing

The Cafe Poetry Mystery…

Yesterday (Sunday 4th November) was the final day of our Cafe Poetry project, which took place at Bibi’s Cafe, North St, St Andrews.

But never fear! We haven’t quite finished with it yet, as we’ll be continuing to feature some of our Cafe Poets on our website in the coming weeks.

Today’s featured poet is something of a mystery. This morning, on going to Bibi’s to collect the jam jars and the poems they held, I found something rather odd: one of our poems had been removed, and replaced with a handwritten poem, entitled ‘Rain’. On investigating further (turning the piece of paper over), I discovered that the poem had been signed, ‘Anon’.

This is what [insert text here] is all about. We loved it that our project inspired someone to write something, and we loved it even more that the mysterious writer chose to share that poem with us. The poem itself also gave us a bit of a giggle.

Mystery Cafe Poet: if you’re reading this, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!


Featured Cafe Poet: Anon

Anonymous Cafe Poet: we’d love to know more about you, and what you thought of our project. Thank you for your poem, and we really hope to hear from you soon.

And, just in case anyone had trouble with the handwriting, here’s the poem below:


On the days when lack of
clean underwear
leads me to wear
a dress (after all, no one
can see you go commando
if you’re wearing tights)
it rains
everyone sees my bum
and I lose all casual
Oh rain.

Thank you so much to our mystery Cafe Poet!