‘Beneath The Boughs’: Inspiration Gallery

Fancy writing for ‘Beneath The Boughs‘ – our summer exhibition in the beautiful historic setting of Lowther Castle Gardens? We’re looking for poems inspired by the gardens, or that fit in with the feel of the gardens.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get yourself there to write in situ. We’re bringing the gardens to you, with the gallery below. Have a browse, and let something spark your imagination!

(Don’t forget – although many of these photos feature a snowy landscape, the exhibition itself will take place over the summer, from July 19th – September 9th 2013.)

Still stuck for something to write? Check out our current monthly prompt to spark some more ideas here.

Or why not check out Lowther Castle’s own photos on their facebook page, here?

Click here for rules on length, and to submit your work.