Just because we love you

Here is a picture of the [insert text here] staff trying to look both inspired and inspirational on London’s South Bank, and failing because of a combination of wind and hair.

(This is another of a taste-bud tickling photos relating to yesterday’s wonderful event, and is strategically posted in order to whet your appetite for more. In other words, follow the blog, ready for when we take the world by storm with the other pictures. Not convinced? Follow the blog anyway, so you can decide for yourself when the time comes!)

Staff on the Southbank, May 2012

First Event: Tick

Today, was [insert text here]’s first event. Myself and Katie held a humble reading of five poets in south London’s Deptford Lounge. It was heaps of fun to organise and take part. We had great support, so just wanna say a little thank you to all involved. We took photos and videos of the event so look out for those in the upcoming week. In the mean time if you’d like to know a little bit more about Deptford Lounge  here is a link to the website. Or if you want to know more about this event or want to be involved in upcoming events please follow and or send us a message. Even just to say hello, we love to talk!

If you live in the UK I hope you enjoyed the sun today, apparently it was hotter than Africa!

A little sneak peak of some of the pictures to come. Stay tuned we have some great ones by the Southbank.


Special delivery…

Look what just arrived in the post!

And more of them:

Coming soon to a venue near you!

We will hopefully be putting these in all sorts of venues (bookshops, cafes, libraries), but obviously we are not omnipresent, and there are always going to be places we aren’t going to get to. So if you know somewhere with a counter that would appreciate a little stack of our cards, then please do get in touch, and we can give you some to put in aforementioned venue.

And of course, you already know the best way to get your hands on one of our beautiful new business cards, don’t you? That’s right – head along to our first event!

But what is that event? we hear you cry.

Well, never fear. We are girding our loins for the announcement in the next day or two.

But in the mean time, we will be getting these little beauties out into the big wide world.

Keep a weather eye open!

Holding our breath…

…in anticipation. Gird your loins – our first event will be announced in the near future!

New Poetry

Slowly but surely, the site is building – there’s the smell of new poetry in the air…

And of course, new poetry is always something to get excited about. We’ve just added a couple of pieces by lovely London-based poets Anthony Adler and Katie Byford, so make sure you head on over to the Poetry section of the site to check them out.

In other news this week, there have been lots of blueprints drawn up for very exciting future events. I won’t say too much right now (don’t want to give the game away), but a glaringly public, yet beautifully transient, display of poetry is in the planning. Thanks to poet Will Tyas for this great idea, details of whose execution we will announce in the not too distant future. (The idea’s execution, that is. Not Will’s. That would be a bad start to the endeavour.) All I’m saying is, it should be a cracking first event.

Tantalising your tastebuds? Riddling you with curiosity? Good.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to the email list, and take a glance at the wonderful new poems here. That way we’ll be back in touch before you know it.