Yes, that’s right!

[insert text here] are making a zine.

We are aiming for a very (very) quick turn around, so the deadline is in just two weeks from today. That’s Wednesday, May 23rd.

Like most things [insert text here] does, it will have a distinctly home-made feel to it, but that shouldn’t stop us from producing upwards of 50 copies.

Submissions can be poetry in any form, but bear in mind that the pages will be quite small (probably A6, so the size of a postcard), so shorter poems are prefered – though that doesn’t mean we’re definitely ruling out longer ones.

The only other requirement is that you keep it clean. As we hope to place copies of the zine in various cafes, where we can’t control who has access to it, we want something that would be ok for a child or grandma to pick up. That doesn’t mean it has to be geared towards children – just no swearing, please.

The zine will be produced in black and white, so if fancy colouring is necessary for your poem, then maybe it would be better to send something else.

You can submit poems via the submit page on the site (please make sure you say that it’s for the zine in the ‘aditional information section’).

Alternatively, you can email the poem to us at:

Make sure you put ‘Zine submission’ as the subject header. If you’re worried about formatting, send the poem as an attachment – Word only, please, no tricky pdf files, as we’ll have to resize the text, which is far to complicated for our untechnically minded brains.

As always, copyright remains with the author.

We’re very excited about this, and very much looking forward to receiving your submissions. Happy writing!

Deadline: midnight 23/05/12 (UK time)

Deptford Lounge Event

Just a quick reminder to say: if you haven’t already done so, then do check out the facebook event for our FIRST EVER READING, at Deptford Lounge, London, on May 26th.

More information here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Business Cards

One small step, perhaps, but a giant leap in publicising [insert text here]

Our new business cards have now been designed, and are currently winging their way towards us on the good ship Royal Mail. (And yes, that is mixing naval and aerial metaphors.)

And why, you may ask, have we ordered business cards? What has prompted this surge in the direction of worldwide (maybe not) publicity? On Friday, [insert text here] has its first ever executive meeting, at which we will be discussing all sorts of important things. (Though since we are in England and it’s currently rather sunny, all business discussions will be preceded by a conversation regarding the weather.)

Chief among these important things will be – yes, you guessed it – events! That’s right, we will be organising our first ever events. And what better place to hand out these business cards than at our events? So if you want one to keep for your very own, that’s where to get it. But for those of you with an impatient streak, who simply can’t wait to see what these masterpieces look like (and I’m sure there are a few of you), here’s a sneak peek:

Aren’t they beautiful? Would you like one to stick up on your wall / keep in your purse / have under your pillow while you sleep? Well, the best way to get one would be to come along to our first event!

Keep your eyes on the site / follow us by pressing the button on the right. Over and out (for now).