Cafe Poet: Sonority Turner

Morning all!

Only two more days to get yourself down to Bibi’s Cafe on North Street, St Andrews, to check out our amazing Cafe Poetry. Alternatively, here’s today’s sampling for you right here:


Featured Cafe Poet: Sonority Turner

My life

This is my heart take it.
This is my art you can take it.
You can take my laptop. Take my iPhone,
take my camera and my headphones.
You can take my money. Take my time,
take the clothes off my washing line.
You can take my job. Take my bike,
Take my bus pass if you like.
You can take my bed. Take my desk,
Take the sofa where I rest.
You can take my things. Take my mess,
Take the contents of my treasure chest.

Take my mother. Take my father.
Take my sisters and my brothers
and my friends and their friends
Take my beginnings leave me loose ends.
Take my money. Take my time,
take my freedoms with your fines.

But you can’t take my smile.
I got my mouth, my teeth and my lips.
You can’t take my voice.
And you can’t take my music.
I got my hands, my feet and my lungs.
You can’t take my speech.
I got my heartbeat.
You can’t take my life.


Sonority Turner is a Poet and Creative Artist. For more info check out