Facebook Presence

Yes, that’s right -[insert text here] is now on facebook!

So far we’ve added some more information about the organisation, and some photos of previous events to tickle your tastebuds. And why? Well – because we’re getting ready to take the world by storm!

Alright, so maybe ‘the world’ is a little ambitious for our first couple of projects, but we definitely want to cause a ruckus on our own little patch. So… wait for it… we’re planning our first events!

No more for now – it’s better to leave you on that little cliffhanger. But the cogs are turning, the wheels are in motion, the banner is flying, and all those other lovely idioms.

Stay tuned for more exciting news of fun poetic things happening!

And in the mean time, go and like our new facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/guerrillapoem