We at [insert text here] like to think that we’re rather lovely. And we also like to help you out as best we can, so we’ve collected some useful links for you to peruse at your leisure. Whether you’re a practising poet, or just looking to read a bit more material and expand your interest in poetry, there should be something here for you:

Elevation Arts Collective
Based in Newcastle, but also stretching further afield, Elevation Arts Collective comprises a group of artists working across a range of practices. The site has artists’ creative profiles, a blog, and information on their supported groups.

Young Poets Network
Run by the Poetry Society, this site has poetry prompts, news of events and publications, information about poetry and much much more.

Probable Causes
A collection of poetry prompts from poet Jacob Sam-La Rose.

Barbican Poets
A community of poets based at the Barbican in London. News of events, poetry prompts and reviews are among the many things posted on this site.

StAnza Young Poets
Another wordpress blog, from the people behind StAnza poetry festival, this is regularly updated with poetry prompts and other interesting things poetical.

(Links Page still under construction, so plenty more sites still to be added. If you have a link that you think we ought to have included and haven’t, drop us a message through our Contact section. Thanks.)

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