Alice Anokhina, Harry Wilson, Katie Hale, Alex Knox and Dominique Dunne

The launch of [insert text here] took place at Deptford Lounge in London, on May 26th 2012.

We ran the afternoon as a kind of pop-up poetry gig, surprising a few unwitting library-users, cafe-goers, and even Deptford Lounge staff! There were five poets in total: Alex Knox, Alice Anokhina, Dominique Dunne, Katie Hale and Alice Anokhina. The event was well attended by poets’ family and friends, but far more important was the impromptu audience that arose from the project’s pop-up nature.

Many thanks to the wonderful Deptford Lounge for helping us to make this first event happen, and for providing the space, support and equipment that we needed.

It was a fantastic event – but if you missed it, never fear! We have all the pictures up online, in our Launch Gallery, so you can catch up on all the excitement there – or relive it, if you were part of the crowd.

Alice Anohkina, Deptford Lounge, May 2012

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