SUBMIT: ‘Beneath The Boughs’

Submissions fb cover inc Arts Council

Do you write? Fancy having your poetry on display in the beautiful historical setting of Lowther Castle Gardens this summer? Then you can submit your work either by using the form at the bottom of this page, or by sending us an email (with the subject heading ‘Lowther Submission’) to:

We’re looking for poems that fit in with the spirit and location of the castle and gardens. So if you’re stuck for ideas, check out our inspiration gallery, and our monthly prompts (view June’s prompt here).

DEADLINE for current set of submissions: MAY 31ST.

We are also currently on the lookout for a young Cumbrian photographer to be involved with the project. If you think that could be you, take a look at the submissions information.

A few important points on submitting:

  • The poem(s) must be your own. Sounds obvious, we know, but thought it would be better to remind you. (Court battles over copyright are expensive, and we don’t have that kind of budget.)
  • The poem(s) must not have been previously published. Though if they’re only published on your own blog, then that’s fine.
  • Poems must not be longer than 10 lines (including spaces between stanzas, but not including title). This is so that when we print them on smaller pages, they fit comfortably. So no epics please. (Though if you have written an epic poem, we admire your dedication!)
  • No rude words please! We don’t like to control what people write, so if you have a particular penchant for swearing in poems, that’s fine. But, since this particular project is a very public one, in which we have no control over our audience, we can’t accept any poems that contain swear words, or anything that seeks to be deliberately offensive. Sorry.
  • Please include:
    1. Your poem(s). Obviously.
    2. Your name – unless you specifically wish to remain anonymous. In which case, make sure you make that explicit when sending in your poems.
    3. Brief bio, maximum of 50 words, just saying a bit about yourself and your writing. If you’re not sure what to say, try looking at our Contributor Bios for ideas. (If you wish your poem to be anonymous for whatever reason, then the bio is obviously not necessary.)
    4. A photo of yourself (optional). If your poem is selected, we may wish to put it on our website, along with a photo of the amazing poet his/herself. (If you are submitting via the submissions form, feel free to email the photo over afterwards, remembering to make it clear which submission it is linked to.)
    5. Please say whether we have your permission to use any selected poem(s) in future [insert text here] projects. We will always contact you to let you know if we intend to do this. The copyright will remain with you, the author.
  • Lowther Castle & Gardens have very kindly offered us a number of individual memberships to the Castle & Gardens (valid until the end of 2013), as well as a garden tour for a family of four.
    We intend to use these as prizes for our favourite poems in the exhibition, and are consequently contacting all the poets whose submissions have been successful.
    If you would like to be considered for one of these prizes, please also state this when you submit your entry.
    Obviously, because of the location Lowther Cstle & Gardens, these prizes would probably be best suited for poets living in Cumbria. However, if you live elsewhere, but are a regular visitor to the area, then you are also more than welcome to be considered. However, please do not put yourself forward for consideration if you know you will not be able to use the prize at all, as this is unfair on those who could take advantage of it.
    NB – These prizes are the generous gifts of Lowther Castle & Gardens. As such, [insert text here] bears no responsibility for upholding them. We reserve the right to alter the number or nature of prizes available if we feel the quality of poetry is not of a high enough standard. The judges’ decision is final, and prizes are non-negotiable.


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