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AFTER A SOMEWHAT ROCKY START, POETRY PICKS IS CHANGING. AS OF FEBRUARY 2013, A NEW FORMAT WILL BE IN PLACE. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU BACK HERE THEN, WHEN WE RE-LAUNCH THE INITIATIVE. In the meantime, please have fun browsing the rest of our site, or reading our two previous Poetry Pick recommendations.


It’s all very well [insert text here] recommending the odd poem now and again, but there are a lot of brilliant poets out there, who have entire books filledwith incredible poems. So why shouldn’t we recommend those as well?

Poetry Picks is our way of sharing what we really really love. It’s pretty simple, really. At the start of each month, we’ll post a review of a book we’ve really really enjoyed, which will hopefully serve as an encouragement for our readers to go out and find a copy, and read it themselves.

But that is not all…

As with everything, we would like to include as many people as possible in this venture. So, we’re asking for open submissions.

If you’ve read a collection of poetry recently, and think that other people deserve to know about it, then why not write your own Poetry Pick and send it in to us? You can send it to us via the Submit section of the site, or via email: manage.noordinaryblog@gmail.com

For submission guidelines, click here.


To read our archive of Poetry Picks, click the thumbnails below:

September 2012: Lisa Gorton, Press Release

August 2012: Jennifer Copley, Beans in Snow

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