Poetry by the Lake: a roaring success


This Saturday saw the culmination of our poets in residence project at Theatre by the Lake, with a reading of the poets’ work by three of the summer season’s actors.

The afternoon was a great success. The audience heard work by Katie Hale, Elizabeth Mann, Fiona Money, John North, Phoebe Power and Jenny Walker – and a very appreciative audience they seemed, too. We received numerous positive comments afterwards, including:

“It was really good to hear the actors reading it.”

“The best poetry reading I’ve ever been to!”

If you didn’t make it, or if you’d like to relive the wonderful works of literature, you can find some of them at the link below:

Theatre by the Lake poems

A huge thank you to Theatre by the Lake and the Arts Council for making this venture possible. We had a blast!

Beneath The Boughs: New Photos

Our Beneath The Boughs photographer, Katie Johnston, has been busy taking more photos of Beneath The Boughs.

We hope you like them. And remember: this weekend is your last chance to see the exhibition! So hurry on down to Lowther Castle and get exploring.

Beneath The Boughs: the set-up

Photos taken by our Beneath The Boughs Photographer, Katie Johnston.

Beneath The Boughs: Meet The Photographer!

Katie Johnston, Photographer, Beneath The Boughs

Katie Johnston: Resident Photographer for Beneath The Boughs

“I am a dedicated photography student based in Carlisle studying at the University of Cumbria. I am a colourful individual with a lot of passion in what I do. Whether I am planning a fine-art shoot on location, taking photos for an event or doing head-shots in the studio I will always perform to the best of my ability and produce beautiful photographs.”


Check out her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Katie-Laura-Photography/406826999407392

Or see some of the photographs she has already taken of Beneath The Boughs: https://guerrillapoem.wordpress.com/gallery/beneath-the-boughs/

Beneath The Boughs: let the poetry begin!

Beneath The Boughs, Lowther Castle & Gardens, Cumbria

Beneath The Boughs: photo by Katie Johnston

It’s official: Beneath The Boughs is up and running!

…though during the set-up, we were under the sweltering sun as often as beneath the boughs. Now that the weather seems to have cooled off a little, though, the time couldn’t be more perfect for visiting Lowther Castle & Gardens and seeing the project for yourself.

Poets whose work is featured in the installation come from as near as Bampton, and as far as Singapore. The poetry is displayed on a washing line, on pebbles, hanging from the trees, and in a whole host of other ways and places. There are also poems produced in workshops by students at Shap Primary School and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

At the entrance to the Gardens, you will be given a map that pinpoints the various parts of the installation, and after that, you’re free to wander at your leisure, discovering great poems as you go.

Beneath The Boughs poetry installation, Lowther Castle, Cumbria

Beneath The Boughs: photo by Katie Johnston

Ask the Art Professor: How do you come up with ideas?

Interesting question, and just as applicable to writing as it is to visual art.

Clara Lieu

“How do visual artists come up with ideas for their artwork? Where should artists look for inspiration?”
The answer to this question will be different for every single artist. Everyone finds inspiration in a completely different way, in contrasting places. Since I can’t provide an answer for every single person out there, I can give advice about how to alert yourself to seeing possible ideas.
Essentially everything in the world has the potential to turn into an idea for art. What seems dull and boring to one person could be infinitely fascinating for another, and vice versa.

If that’s the case then, where do you start? Start with yourself and your own personal experiences. Many artists think that they have to search extremely far and wide and come up with an immensely complicated subject for their work to be interesting.

I’m frequently surprised that the best subject matter is simply…

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Beneath The Boughs: Teaser Trailer

As I’m sure you’re all aware, there isn’t long to go until Beneath The Boughs goes live!

The exhibition officially opens on July 19th, which is less than a month away (although there’s still time for any poets out there to send in a last-minute submission).

So we thought we’d treat you to a little teaser:


‘winter trees’, by Adrian Rogan features in Beneath The Boughs. To see more amazing poems, come along to the exhibition itself. Details here.

Adrian Rogan: lives on the edge of cumbria, occasionally falls off, writes stories and poetry; currently into Dorothy Wordsworth and Saint-Exupery; likes snow.

Last chance to submit!

Still haven’t sent us your poem for our poetry installation, Beneath The Boughs?


Make sure we’ve received your poem by then, or it won’t be considered for the exhibition!

Send us your poems on the theme of nature at a maximum of ten lines long. (This doesn’t mean your poem has to be ten lines. We’d love to see shorter works as well.)

For more details of how and where to submit, click here.

Submissions fb cover inc Arts Council

Call-out for Young Cumbrian Photographer

Don’t forget, we’re looking for a young Cumbrian photographer to get involved with Beneath The Boughs, our summer poetry installation at Lowther Castle & Gardens in Cumbria.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Check out the details here: https://guerrillapoem.wordpress.com/2013/04/13/beneath-the-boughs-young-photographer-wanted/

You have until May 31st to apply!

BTB Photography poster

Meet The Poet: John North

Meet one of the poets on our Poets in Residence project at Theatre by the Lake. The project will involve seven emerging writers spending time at the theatre, and will culminate in a showcase on September 7th 2013, at which their poems will be read by members of the theatre’s summer season acting company.

John North

John North was born in the north of England in 1990. His first short collection, Northern Lad Meets the English Language, Fights (Freerange Poetry Project in association with the Carlisle Arts Festival) was published in 2008. He has worked with, amongst others, the Mancunion, as an editor, and with the BBC. He is currently one of seven Poets in Residence at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick. New poems are forthcoming in Kaffeeklatsch. He has won several awards. johnenorth.wordpress.com