Who We Are

Katie Hale
(Boss Woman)

Born in Cumbria, Katie’s first story (written aged four and entitled It’s Not Fair) received much critical acclaim from indulgent parents and well-wishing neighbours. Since then she has been published in Velour, anthologies 11 Poets and Above Water, and university magazine The Jam, and has twice won the Anne Pierson Award. She spent a year living in Melbourme, and is currently dividing her time between St Andrews and the Lake District.

Katie wants to say she is the brains behind the operation; what she really means is that at 3 o’clock one morning, she had an idea that she decided to put into practice, and which became [insert text here]


Elizabeth Mann

Raised in the thriving metropolis that is Peterborough, Elizabeth later lived in a genuine castle during her English degree at Durham, University College, where she fell head-over-heels in love with poetry and decided to devote her life to reading and writing the good stuff. (She also does a good line in eating baked goods.) So now she’s at St Andrews doing a MLitt in Creative Writing which is where she joined this merry band of bards.


Dominique Dunne
(London Op.)

Dominique Dunne was born and raised in the heart of London; she completed a BA in poetry and film at Bath Spa University, 2011. Since then she has been travelling, working with Literary Festivals and been part of ‘The Barbican Young Poets’ scheme. She is currently working on a growing collection entitled ‘Words Through the Glass’ which she hopes to get published one day. Alongside poetry, Dominique loves kayaking, sloths and winning at Scrabble.


Anthony Adler

Anthony Adler is the editor of Hatstand Books. He has a slightly unhealthy fascination with obsolete technology, a penchant for obscure jam, and just made some holes in a door.


Katie Byford

Katie is a sixth-former from West London, studying Latin, Ancient Greek and English, with the intention of reading Classics at university. She enjoys music, 50s cinema, and generally any activity not involving a calculator.


Will Tyas

Will Tyas writes songs and poetry. He is currently involved with Lonely Robot Theatre Company and acoustic band Luna & The Curious. He is also involved with The Barbican Young Poets’ scheme and hopes to complete a pamphlet later this year.



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