[insert text here] is currently in the most exciting stage of all: conception. So if you have any ideas for innovative / exciting poetry activities, then let us know via the Contact section of the site. We hope to have a big event sometime this Autumn, with a bit of a party and lots of people reading poetry (and maybe even a game of pin-the-pen-on-the-poet), so please sign up to follow our progress via the button on the right.

[insert text here] a not-for-profit poetry company founded in 2012, with the intention of re-introducing people to poetry in unusual ways, as well as giving emerging poets chances to get their work into the public arena.

We’re not picky about how we do this, but we like to give people a positive experience of poetry, and sometimes to challenge how and where people are used to receiving poetry.


In the early hours of a Monday morning (January 23rd 2012, to be exact), a final year English student was lying awake, trying in vain to get to sleep. She had tried counting farmyard animals (of many varieties), and was attempting to make her mind go blank, when up popped a very curious idea… Why not form a poetry company – and organise even more of the weird and wacky poetry events she loved so much? She hastily scribbled this idea, and a great many more besides, in the pages of her diary, and returned to attempting sleep.

Over the next few weeks, the idea grew, and our young finalist became increasingly obsessed by it. When February arrived, she could bear it no longer. She caved to the pressure and began work on a website, until one afternoon, when she sat down to write this history. And as she typed, she pondered the many directions that [insert text here] could take her next…

The rest, as they say, is history:

We launched with our very first [insert text here] event on May 26th 2012, at Deptford Lounge, where five emerging poets read to an audience combining friends, poetry lovers, and unsuspecting library users (view gallery here). In May and June 2012, we issued a ‘zine entitled Dawn Killing Darkness, which was distributed in a number of locations, and is also available on our site (view here).  From here, as they say, the only way is up.

So please sign up to the mailing list via the button on the right, and we’ll let you know when and where the poetry parties are happening!

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