On looking back through our archived posts, we discovered that in April 2012, we posted a photo of a squirrel, accompanied by a recording of W H Davies reading his poem, ‘Leisure’. Since the title of our summer exhibition, ‘Beneath The Boughs’, is taken from this very poem, we thought it would be good to share this with you all again. Enjoy!

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I recently took this photo of a squirrel:

And it reminded me of the W H Davies poem, ‘Leisure’, which I had on my tooth box as a child. It’s a beautiful poem, all about our hurried lifestyles, and how we ought to stop and look around us sometimes. A bit like the abstract on our new business cards:

If you could cradle a minute in your palm
and not weigh its value in coins…

Take a minute now, and listen to this wonderful recording of Davies reading his own poem:

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