Cafe Poet: Will Tyas

This is the last weekend to see the beautifully presented Cafe Poems in situ at the lovely Bibi’s Cafe!

But have no fear, because we’re still featuring the poems on this site, with another poetic treat for you today:


Featured Cafe Poet: Will Tyas

Pull ups in Secondary School, 2004

Our arms were frantic.
Our arms were standing to attention
and holding onto cold bars
and our feet were swinging.

The hollow steel was singing
with unbroken voices
under our fingers
and we sang back

with virgin flushed lips
and slipping finger tips
and awkward elbow shifts
before falling.

We imagined ourselves as pistons,
fists clenched on metal ice,
but each time we fell
with our arms twitching

like dying birds.


Will Tyas writes songs and poetry. He is currently involved with Lonely Robot Theatre Company and acoustic band Luna & The Curious. He is also involved with The Barbican Young Poets’ scheme and hopes to complete a pamphlet later this year.

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