Cafe Poet: Alex Zhang

It’s raining today in St Andrews, but that’s all the more reason for people to duck into a coffee shop and read some fabulous poems.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any poems about ghosts and bats and vampires. So today’s featured poet won’t be all about unexplained hauntings or witches’ spells. Sorry. Eat pumpkin while you’re reading it, if that puts you in a more Halloween-y mood.


Featured Cafe Poet: Alex Zhang

when i read

I like to imagine
that you
are sprawled out in
front of an open

where there is a slight
and white sun
and light cloud

but you don’t notice
in t-shirt
and jeans
cradling a
in one hand
and gripping your
naked feet
in the other

and I can see
your head pressed into
a pillow propped up
against the wall
with your legs
mounted on a desk

and can feel
all the spaces
between the chair
and the curve
of your back.


From Tucson, Arizona to London. Studies philosophy. Writes. Has a pet sourdough starter named Amy.


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