Cafe Poet: Samantha Emily Evans

Day 9 of our Cafe Poetry project, and here’s another tasty treat for you to feast your eyes on:


Featured Cafe Poet: Samantha Emily Evans


He wears thrift store sweaters
and has drum stick blue eyes
the light reflecting off tambourine hair

He knows emily bronte and wuthering heights
and wants to write a novel
to study the humanities

He travels, is adventurous, to spain,
and goes alone, i am not the only one
the photos sporadic and without asking.

He asks me to coffee, kind of, I think.


From Los Angeles, Samantha Emily Evans is almost a west coast hipster, and attends University of St. Andrews. She has been published in the Moorpark College Literary Magazine, and founded the youth poetry program at the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley. She is a Girl Scout, and believes that the perfect date is dinner and a play.


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