Cafe Poet: Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes

Today marks the half-way point of our Cafe Poetry project.

Poems have been adorning the tables of Bibi’s Cafe (North St, St Andrews) for one week now, and will stay there until November 4th. So if you haven’t checked them out yet, then don’t worry. There’s still plenty of time to do so – but don’t leave it too long!

As promised, we’re featuring another of our Cafe Poets today: Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes.



Featured Cafe Poet: Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes


It is ironic that the letter ‘D’ is in dignity
because he has none, the dunce.
He teams up with ‘f’s and ‘t’s and ‘h’s,
likes to look hard, making dull thuds.
But he’s not that special; he knows it,
oversized in a crib where he turns,
and when he clasps the hand of another whilst snoring
he wakes up, affronted, and burns.
He plods on, smiles rarely and vaguely,
guffaws as the graceful pass by.
D doesn’t dare without others.
Thinks he’ll dream a dull life till he dies.


Ruth Bertulis-Fernandes is an eighteen year old girl from London. A Barbican Poet from 2011-2012 and a Poetry Parnassus Young Producer, she loves poetry and hopes to study English Literature at University. When not writing she can usually be found eating her own weight in samosas, or doing something similarly constructive.


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