Cafe Poet: Dominique Dunne

It’s the weekend, and it’s a beautiful sunny day in St Andrews, so if you’re around, why not head down to Bibi’s Cafe to check out some poetry? (They also do a great weekend brunch, which I will definitely be making the most of in an hour or so.)

If you can’t get to Bibi’s, or you need a little nudge in the right direction, here’s a little taste of what you might find when you get there.


Featured Cafe Poet: Dominique Dunne


It’s almost like I’ve drowned
except I have no mouth,
nothing to swallow this water.

Nothing to stop the pull,
the whim of the tide.
Sucked across a bed

of hopeless lost property
that no-one looks for anymore.
I am in five pieces

spilt and carved.
One was found in a suitcase
and one in the boot of a car.

I am with the forgotten,
trailing the bottom of the canal
in this red plastic bag.

Nothing will swallow this water.


Dominique Dunne was born and raised in the heart of London; she completed a BA in poetry and film at Bath Spa University, 2011. Since then she has been travelling, working with Literary Festivals and been part of ‘The Barbican Young Poets’ scheme. She is currently working on a growing collection entitled ‘Words Through the Glass’ which she hopes to get published one day. Alongside poetry, Dominique loves kayaking, sloths and winning at Scrabble.

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