“The Best Book Ever”

High expectation is a writers enemy. It puts so much pressure on the writer and can cause writer’s block because the writer is scared to make anything less than perfect. This short by Lev Yilmaz demonstrates this viscous cycle in a witty, humorous way.

Yilmaz later, gives amazing advice on how to conquer that expectation, in a way that I never thought of before. In this clip linked here (between 1.17-2.42), he suggests that one should set out to make the most rubbish piece of work they can, thus cutting out all pretensions and allowing you to be free. Hope this clip and piece of advice helps any struggling writers out there, or at the very least put a smile on your face. Have a great Saturday folks.

For more videos on  Lev Yilmaz click here.


About wordsthroughtheglass
Dominique Dunne was born and raised in the heart London; she completed a BA in poetry and film at Bath Spa University, 2011. Since then she has been travelling, working with Literary Festivals and been part of ‘The Barbican Young Poets’ scheme. Some poems featured are part of a growing collection entitled ‘Words Through the Glass’ which she hopes to get published one day. Alongside poetry, Dominique loves kayaking, sloths and winning at Scrabble.

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