Special delivery…

Look what just arrived in the post!

And more of them:

Coming soon to a venue near you!

We will hopefully be putting these in all sorts of venues (bookshops, cafes, libraries), but obviously we are not omnipresent, and there are always going to be places we aren’t going to get to. So if you know somewhere with a counter that would appreciate a little stack of our cards, then please do get in touch, and we can give you some to put in aforementioned venue.

And of course, you already know the best way to get your hands on one of our beautiful new business cards, don’t you? That’s right – head along to our first event!

But what is that event? we hear you cry.

Well, never fear. We are girding our loins for the announcement in the next day or two.

But in the mean time, we will be getting these little beauties out into the big wide world.

Keep a weather eye open!


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