Noyes: The Highwayman

This is one of my favourite poems. As a child I loved the adventure in it, and I still think it proves that poetry can be beautifully and rhythmically written, as well as having a darn good plot-line.

‘The Highwayman’ was written by Alfred Noyes, and first published in 1906. Here’s a recording of it (whose copyright we do not own, but since we like it, we’re embedding it from YouTube):

And if you liked that, here’s another video I came across when scouring aforementioned video-sharing site. This one doesn’t have the words. Instead, it’s an animated film of the plot, without the poetry spoken over the top. (We don’t own this either, but it is very good.) Enjoy!

Which I guess just proves that, as well as being a great poem, it’s also a grippingly good tale.

But it’s getting late. The moon is already a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas. The road is a ribbon of moonlight across the purple moor, and I can hear hooves on the cobblestones…


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