Business Cards

One small step, perhaps, but a giant leap in publicising [insert text here]

Our new business cards have now been designed, and are currently winging their way towards us on the good ship Royal Mail. (And yes, that is mixing naval and aerial metaphors.)

And why, you may ask, have we ordered business cards? What has prompted this surge in the direction of worldwide (maybe not) publicity? On Friday, [insert text here] has its first ever executive meeting, at which we will be discussing all sorts of important things. (Though since we are in England and it’s currently rather sunny, all business discussions will be preceded by a conversation regarding the weather.)

Chief among these important things will be – yes, you guessed it – events! That’s right, we will be organising our first ever events. And what better place to hand out these business cards than at our events? So if you want one to keep for your very own, that’s where to get it. But for those of you with an impatient streak, who simply can’t wait to see what these masterpieces look like (and I’m sure there are a few of you), here’s a sneak peek:

Aren’t they beautiful? Would you like one to stick up on your wall / keep in your purse / have under your pillow while you sleep? Well, the best way to get one would be to come along to our first event!

Keep your eyes on the site / follow us by pressing the button on the right. Over and out (for now).

Facebook Presence

Yes, that’s right -[insert text here] is now on facebook!

So far we’ve added some more information about the organisation, and some photos of previous events to tickle your tastebuds. And why? Well – because we’re getting ready to take the world by storm!

Alright, so maybe ‘the world’ is a little ambitious for our first couple of projects, but we definitely want to cause a ruckus on our own little patch. So… wait for it… we’re planning our first events!

No more for now – it’s better to leave you on that little cliffhanger. But the cogs are turning, the wheels are in motion, the banner is flying, and all those other lovely idioms.

Stay tuned for more exciting news of fun poetic things happening!

And in the mean time, go and like our new facebook page:

‘It is the poet who goes further than any human scientist…’

‘It is the poet who goes further than any human scientist. The poet who with her dredging net must haul up difficult things and return them to the present. As she does this, the reader will begin to recognise parts of herself so nearly buried that they seem to have been buried from birth. She will be able to hear clearly the voices that have whispered at her for so many years. Some of those voices will prove false, she will perhaps learn to fear her own fears. The attendant personalities that are clinically labelled as schizophrenia, can be brought into a harmonious balance. It is not necessart to be shut up in one self, to grind through life like an ox at a mill, always treading the same ground. Human beings are capable of powered flight; we can travel across ourselves and find that self multiple and vast. The artist knows this: at the same time that art is prising away old dead structures that have rusted almost unnoticed into our flesh, art is pushing at the boundaries we thought were fixed. The convenient lies fall; the only boundaries are the boundaries of our imagination.’

– Jeanette Winterson, ‘The Semiotics of Sex’, in Art Objects

New Poetry

Slowly but surely, the site is building – there’s the smell of new poetry in the air…

And of course, new poetry is always something to get excited about. We’ve just added a couple of pieces by lovely London-based poets Anthony Adler and Katie Byford, so make sure you head on over to the Poetry section of the site to check them out.

In other news this week, there have been lots of blueprints drawn up for very exciting future events. I won’t say too much right now (don’t want to give the game away), but a glaringly public, yet beautifully transient, display of poetry is in the planning. Thanks to poet Will Tyas for this great idea, details of whose execution we will announce in the not too distant future. (The idea’s execution, that is. Not Will’s. That would be a bad start to the endeavour.) All I’m saying is, it should be a cracking first event.

Tantalising your tastebuds? Riddling you with curiosity? Good.

In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to the email list, and take a glance at the wonderful new poems here. That way we’ll be back in touch before you know it.